Epic Roulette Wins in Casino History

One thing that is certain about gambling is that the house must win in the long run. This holds true, especially when it comes to roulette- a pure chance game designed with the house in mind. It does not matter how skilled you’re at this game, what is given to you by the casino will certainly be taken back, plus some. However, despite the massive casino advantage, many gamblers play this game to win. And sure, some of them win big. In this content, we look at how some players beat all the odds to pull some of the biggest wins on the roulette table.

Mike Ashley

With a soccer club like Newcastle United and many other business ventures under his ownership, Mike is definitely not an average man; he is a billionaire. However, his bold step to place a massive wager on the roulette table was a sure sign that he was not there yet- he needed more wealth. In 2008, he made his way into a casino in Mayfair, wagered £480,000 on inside bets, which included his lucky number, 17. Whether he was sure with what he was doing no one knows; all we know is that he went home with £1,300,000 in winnings. For a guy of his stature, this money may be peanuts, but the fact that the ball landed just as he had predicted is very interesting.

Ashley Revell

When this guy made a decision to leave for Las Vegas with his entire savings, it appeared a weird, if not an irrational, decision not because he went to Vegas but because he wanted to try his luck at roulette. Worse still was the fact that he sold his assets, including a car, a house, clothes, and a watch. With $135,000 in proceeds, Ashley knew that he had enough to bet, and as though he were insane, he placed all the money on red. In just a single spin, he managed to double his net worth. Sure, this was not the biggest of roulette wins, but Ashley’s extraordinary courage was a pure epic.